Termination is the second episode of Hardshell 'n' Shockwave.


Hardshell is roaming around in the open (actually the living room of his house), when Shockwave breaks himself free after recovering from the fall shown in the previous episode. Shockwave now has only one goal: Terminate Hardshell. Hardshell starts playing with his remote-controlled truck when suddenly Shockwave appears and tries to kill him. He charges his Hyperflux Cannon, only to find that Hardshell has EMP hidden somewhere in his arms (he says "I have an EMP or two up my sleeve. Literally"). Shockwave transforms into his tank mode but just as he is about to squish Hardshell, Hardshell's remote-controlled truck (called Mr. Truck by Hardshell) hits Shockwave and Hardshell escapes by a zipline. Hardshell falls, only to be right in front of Shockwave's treads again. But this time Shockwave asks about how Hardshell got some pieces of cloth (which actually were Megatron's). When Megatron (Mr. Truck) comes and beats Hardshell for abusing him, Shockwave says that the only reason he spared Hardshell is because he has the company of Megatron, who Hardshell didn't turn into a mindless remote-controlled toy. Meanwhile some mysterious Shockwaves appear in the house and Shockwave asks about them, but one of them falls on Hardshell and he faints. Shockwave just replies to this by saying that "One is lonely, two is a company, three is a crowd, four is a big crowd and five is the hugest scrap-of-a-crowd I have ever seen."


  • Expected release date: 23-6-2013
    • Though the expected release date was 23rd June, the episode was uploaded on 21st June.
      • The reason was because the scriptwriter had deleted many scenes from the final version. Originally there was going to be much more of a fight in the episode.

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Hardshell 'n' Shockwave S01E02 - Termination

Hardshell 'n' Shockwave S01E02 - Termination