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Sunspot's 'Respect Me' Poster
Some attributes
First Likes Sipton tea.
Second Likes Sipton tea.
Third Likes Sipton tea.
Other attributes

Sunspot is one of the main characters of Hardshell 'n' Shockwave. In a nutshell, he is a royal-tea-drinking Nabob from the Country of Tea Drinkers.


  • Sunspot has no confirmed last name.
  • Although he is a British "Nabob", he is in the Desi Trio because the trio is of the three main characters living in India, and not necessarily Indians.
  • Sunspot drinks a certain "Sipton Royal Tea". This is not mentioned in any episode of Season 1, but will be mentioned in Season 2.
    • The chatlog which proves the above point is:
    • [02:11] Hardshell: So are you going to tell what Royal Tea Sunspot drinks?
    • [02:11] Shockwave: Sipton Royal Tea
    • [02:12] Hardshell: Sipton?
    • [02:12] Shockwave: It's intentional
      • Sipton is probably a parody of Lipton. Shockwave saying "It's intentional" makes the chance of it being true even higher - that it was intentionally changed to avoid naming any brand.