Shell-Shocked is the first episode of the first season of Hardshell 'n' Shockwave. The episode is basically an introduction to the series and shows some attempts of Hardshell to free Shockwave.


Hardshell introduces his new show to the viewers, forgetting to introduce his friend Shockwave, who is caged (his box). Shockwave asks Hardshell to free him from the cage. Hardshell tries various ways - hitting the cage to break it, dropping it from a height, a failed attempt to tear it down and opening a flap to allow Shockwave to slide out (which obviously he can't because he's too tied up). Somehow he gets Shockwave out of the box but fails to cut the chains tying him. Shockwave tries various ways to convince Hardshell to cut the chains, but ultimately has to resort to threatening him by showing his Hyperflux Cannon. Right before he shoots, Shockwave tips over and falls down.


When Hardshell hits Shockwave's box, a part of the puppeteer's hand can be seen at the bottom left corner.


  • Originally this episode was going to be longer and combining the stories of the finalized version of this episode and Termination (episode 2).

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Hardshell 'n' Shockwave S01E01 Shell-Shocked

Hardshell 'n' Shockwave S01E01 Shell-Shocked