The series follows a "chain structure" of stories most of the time. Something at the end of an episode is picked up by the first scene (or any other scene near the starting) of the next episode.

The series has been divide into:

Main series: As of 5th September, 2013, Season 2 was started. Shockwave-Hardshell Productions (the updated name of RipaMoramee643's channel) revealed plans to end the show in the third season, and the series would continue only if there is a good response from fans.

Skyquake Reviews: Skyquake, an American star, reviews some of his Transformers toys (sometimes, his "very own idiotic Bot-Shots"), often ending up entangled in misadventures and nothing but chaos. No more than one season planned as of 5th September, 2013.

The Adventures of Hardshell 'n' Friends: "Audio-visual comics", as said by the producers. Made like a slideshow, it follows the adventures and misadventures of some of the friends of Hardshell and Shockwave, sometimes none other than the Desi Trio. No more than one season planned as of 5th September, 2013.

Hardshell Comics: Leaked chatlogs reveal a certain series known as Hardshell Comics. Nothing revealed as of 5th September 2013.

The Desi TrioEdit

The term Desi Trio refers to the three main characters:

Hardshell - The "ROFL LOL" one

Shockwave - The "Logical" one

Sunspot - The "Royal-Tea-Drinking-Nabob from the Country of Tea Drinkers"